Rosie O’Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Alright, so as you know, liberal Rosie O’Donnell picked another fight with someone – her co-host of “The View,” the conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Let’s compare:

  1. Rosie: Thinks our troops are terrorists.  Elisabeth: Supports our troops.
  2. Rosie: Can’t argue.  Elisabeth: Argued quite well.
  3. Rosie: Her people defaced pictures of Elisabeth.  Elisabeth: Didn’t deface pictures.
  4. Rosie: Lesbian – not too good looking.  Elisabeth: Straight, hot.

 ANYBODY who calls our troops terrorists is un-American, especially near Memorial Day.  I don’t care how many Iraqis they kill – THEY are the terrorists – as we saw in my previous post – if 1/4 of American Muslims think it’s OK to blow you up – think of how many Muslims in the Middle East think it’s OK!

That’s all!

Ranting Republican


13 Responses to “Rosie O’Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Obviously you are ill-informed, my friend. Rosie did not say the US troops are terrorists. In fact, she has visited many hospitals where the US soldiers who are disabled for life. Elizabeth has not even thought about doing this and she’s for this illegal war and has supported a president who stole the election twice and has committed so many illegalities that they are too numerous to recount here on your out of the way blog. If Elizabeth supported the troops her husband, Tim, who is busy warming the bench for the past 2 years of the NY Giants doing nothing but watch his wife make a million dollars a year with her whiny voice castrating him on a daily basis, should enlist and put their money where their support supposedly lies.

    Rosie argues very well, she can think on her feet. Lizzie cannot and mostly looks like a dumb blonde caught in the headlights of an oncoming car in the middle of a sunny day.

    One person from Rosie’s staff defaced a photo that was ripped from a magazine of Elizabeth. One Picture. Immature yes but the woman had been frustrated for 8 months and I don’t blame her a bit. I would have tacked that moustash on Lizzie with a nail if it had been me. 🙂

    Elizabeth trashed her own office at THE VIEW and told everyone that Rosie’s staff had done it.

    Rosie – human, caring, kind, good person, liberal. Elizabeth – republican stepford wife, self-absorbed, stupid and unrealistic.

    Rosie did not say that the troops are terrorists – but I do. I have said it ever since Abu Grave – there is an invisible line that is drawn in the face of morality and these troops do not have it. They are terrorists doing far worse than what their superiors are telling them to do. Taking lives into their small minded hands. This is a volunteer army and they have a right to say no to extended tours but they keep going back to Iraq b/c they like it. They like torturing the Iraqi people, raping and killing their women and children.

    The United States invaded this country on false information and now we are committing a genocide against them. You cannot be a concious person if you can support this illegal war and are as much a terrorist as Elizabeth Hasselbeck and her ilk.

    You figures on american muslims is out of whack. They are afraid of retaliation and would never say that this kind of treatment of human beings is right. You say that you believe in christianity – how could you? You are hardly a christian and hardly a human being. Shame on you for your blog and your inconsiderate thoughts. It is you who is un-american.

  2. Heather Says:

    Cathy…how sad you are.

    My brother is in Iraq and regardless of how I feel about what is going on, I support him and the other babies that are over there. Do you realize that so many young people escape their poor lives by joining one of the branches of the military….since you are so perfect, why not fix this problem.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    1st – I’m ill-informed? It was you who spelled her name EliZabeth – so nice start to your argument.

    You are correct, Rosie didn’t say “the troops are terrorists” she said “655,000 Iraqis dead, who are the terrorists” – if you can explain any other way to interpret that, then I will publish your book on proper interpretation of the liberal language (which I have never understood).

    Second – if we were committing genocide – why are there areas where there’s peace – why not just pretend that there’s chaos everywhere and blow it all up?

    Third – “you figures” – again with the grammar – they’re afraid of what retalliation? Anybody who even thinks it’s close to OK to just blow someone up for religion needs to be deoprted.

    And Christianity doesn’t mean that you have to accept everybody as they are – the truth is, people are going to hell, and muslims are one of these groups – this being said, I have Muslim friends who think these stats are TERRIBLE, and they are ashamed to be associated with violent Muslims.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sorry to see that you’re so insecure because of some lesbian on a show for women. I guess conservatives are like that. At least Elizabeth’s straightness will save you from being corrupted by Rosie’s evil lesbian ways, even if she really is nothing more than a dumb conservative blonde.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    I’m not insecure because of it – she’s just a liberal who I don’t like and I’m happy she’s gone. And it’s Elisabeth. And Rosie doesn’t corrupt me – she just insults our troops and calls them terrorists (indirectly – but still). And why is it that you are so insecure as to not state your name? I respect Cathy very much for putting herself on the line and being identified with the comment – it shows courage to take criticism – and the same for Heather – when you write on the internet while identifying yourself, you’re at risk, and I respect people greatly for putting themselves at that risk.

  6. fran Says:

    well…lets just say…that America has just become a very impatient and lazy country….we have had much progress in the war against the news may say otherwise, but the people on the news are not the soldiers in iraq and the middles east helping those people there and trying to establish there government….people are complaining about why soldiers are still in Iraq etc. well lets say we pull them out of Iraq, imagine the terror that would go on in our nation….there are terrorist now that want to blow us up and we have soldiers that are protecting us from that happening, and the soldiers are the only reason that isnt happening to us… well if there are no soldiers doing that for us imagine what could happen to us then. So many people in this country hate president Bush…well i would like to see how the rest of you could handle all the problems of this country…& all of the terror and the people that are in the country that hate any desicion you make….i doubt any of you could handle it…I am positive that if you knew half of the things that president Bush knows…that none of you could even sleep at night….He has saved are country from falling apart and we should all be very greatful for that. God Bless America

  7. Thoughts on the N-Word, The View, and Jesse Jackson « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] that black people CAN use the n-word, while Elisabeth Hasselbeck (I LOVE HER!!!  Anybody who stood up against Rosie O’Donnelland her comments against the troops is awesome) argued that nobody should use it.  Barbara Walters […]

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