Liberal Media: Your Local Terrorist Propoganda Generators

All right, so a recent Detroit Free Press article (“U.S. Muslims give their take on 9/11, suicide bombing: Majority oppose attacks, Al Qaeda, survey shows, May 23, 2007) reports that most American Muslims oppose suicide bombings.

 Only 26% say it is sometimes justified in defense of Islam.  So there’s only 1/4 Muslims you meet thinks it’s OK to BLOW YOU UP!  What the heck!  The word “Majority” here makes it sound like a good statistic.  I’d be scared if this was only 2%!

These people need to be found and deported!  I don’t care if it invades their “civil rights!”  At the point that they say, “Nathan, I think it’s OK to blow you up because you’re a Christian,” my rights have been violated – not my civil rights, but my right to LIVE!

And think if these were Republicans saying, “I think it’s OK to blow Democrats up to further our political agenda.”  The media wouldn’t say, “The Majority of Republicans are peaceful,” it’d be “Republicans All Around America Say Heartless Murder is OK!”

Again, the Justice Department needs to confiscate these poll stats and deport these FREAKS!  Now – the other 74% I have no problem with – but they need to show that they are disgusted with the other 26%

Just a note – guess who has the highest percentage of these Muslims – liberal France (42%) – just goes to show – liberalism and living don’t go too well together.

And lastly – just a note – 60% don’t think Al Qaeda carried out the attacks – even the Democrats don’t argue this one!  These people are insane and need to get out of our country!

That’s all for now,

Ranting Republican


2 Responses to “Liberal Media: Your Local Terrorist Propoganda Generators”

  1. Kenny Says:

    You are only being as terrible as them. Just because you are an American Christian it doesnt make you right to threaten them as well. Every race, and every religion despises people in this same country. We cannot deport people because of ridiculous Conservative agenda. You think its okay for you to shoot Iraqis as it says in another post. That makes you just as radical as them. Get over yourself. The American Government is not the police force of the world. We are not THE ALMIGHTY PEOPLE. Thats not the case. And lets remember, studies are not always trustworthy. They represent a small part, of a small part of a huge whole. Plus information can be manipulated. Don’t trust every “patriotic” thing, and stop being a jerk.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Where does it say I think it’s OK to shoot Iraqis? I’ve been opposed to the War in Iraq and I backed Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) in the primary.

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