Detroit City Council: Lazy Morons

OK, so I’ve been busy w/ exams for school, and there’ve been no good news stories – and now they’re coming out of the woodwork like termites from Nancy Pelosi’s the Grinch’s teeth.

1st – I will deny something that will soon be claimed – I am not racist.  I am part Mexican-Indian, part German, part Polish, and part English.  I have African American friends, and I supported for Alan Keys.

I’m not going to quote the original article – and look up “City Council votes to impeach Bush”, May 17.  Anyway – a bunch of people wrote in saying how STUPID the council is, and I agree – it’s not their place – they have the idea of federalism BACKWARDS.

 Then you have the moron from Westland, Bob Burkett:

An important message (from your local liberal “know-it-all”)

To some, the vote by the Detroit City Council to impeach …Bush and …Cheney may seem futile.  The implied message is what counts.  Even conservatives (what kind of conservative are we talking about?) are tired of this administration (only if he’s referring to Gangsta Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick) borrowing more and more money to fund a losing conflict (i.e.: CITY OF DETROIT!).  Our national debt is a disgrace (so is the CITY!).

This is such a stupid comment – it’s not the cities job, and if it really is so important, why was Monica Conyers, the sponsor of the resolution, vacationing in Hawaii?

L. Brooks Patterson once said that the Detroit City Council belongs in the zoo, not deciding the fate of the zoo.  People got offended because this was “racist” comparing African Americans to gorillas.

I would personally like to apologize for Patterson’s comment: If there are any gorillas offended by the Detroit City Council being compared to them, I’m sorry.

(Oh – and a side note – there are WHITE people on the Council too – so was he comparing them to albino gorillas?)

Done ranting,

The Ranting Republican


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