Why Liberals Should NEVER Own Funeral Homes

OK – so after Jerry Falwell died, all the liberal scum in the world began criticizing him – well, let’s see here – is he gonna answer back?  No – he CAN’T!

This just goes to show what cowards the left is.  They wait until AFTER he’s dead before they debate him!

They did the same thing to the great RONALD WILSON REAGAN.  I remember specifically a post in the Detroit Free Press by Satan’s daughter, Desiree Cooper, criticizing President Reagan.  I sent a letter to her, which of course was never published, because we wouldn’t want people to think that there are compassionate Republicans out there!

One good thing that I saw afte Falwell’s death was an article (again in the Free Press – NOT be Ms. Cooper) that talked about disagreeing with Falwell, but still honoring him, and mourning his death.

Why can’t all liberals be like that?  Or at least fake compassion when someone dies – don’t criticize them.


2 Responses to “Why Liberals Should NEVER Own Funeral Homes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, so that is supposed to explain why liberals “should never own funeral homes”? Grow up.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    It’s a little joke – you can’t take that. Why are you so ashamed to show who you are? People who leave anonymous comments normally do so just to cause trouble, and their arguments are very weak – I’m sorry if you didn’t like the little joke (my sense of humor has never been that great).

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