Where Are Sharpton and Jackson

So I was listening to local talk radio – and the host was telling a story about a hate crime committed against a white couple (due to the very graphic details, I won’t go into it).

The crime was committed in January – and Fox carried a 10 minute story – nothing else.  Now it got more attention as they went to trial.

So why is it that if a white man calls a group of women “Nappy headed hos” the country goes into uproar, but some black guys mutilate a white woman and her husband, nothing happens?

And did you notice the Rutgers women – they looked like someone had been murdered and one said she’d been scarred for life – IT’S A NAME!  Get over it – and worry about the murders.

I know I’m getting into some old news here – but still – why don’t the African American activists get involved to end violence like this.  It’s people like this who give the GREAT African Americans out there the bad stereotypes.

 That is all,

Ranting Republican


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