Students have NO rights when it comes to drinking

Ok, so some local students were suspended for drinking at prom – the police officer/whatever at the prom gave the kids a breathalyzer test.  The mother of one of them is complaining that her son “didn’t know his rights” and that she’d have done something to keep him from drinking if she’d have known he’d have gotten a breathalyzer.

I’ve got news lady!  UNDERAGE DRINKERS DON’T HAVE RIGHTS!  It’s illegal in Michigan to refuse a breathalizer test if you’re under 21 even if you weren’t driving!

And to say you only care that he gets caught!  This mother is a crappy mother – heck – she’s not even fit to be a mother.

And the kid’s friends say it’s unfair – he was taken off the baseball team and this ruined his career.  TOUGH LUCK!  You drink underage – you lose – we need HARSHER punishments to keep this from happening – so let it be a lesson to all of you out there!


3 Responses to “Students have NO rights when it comes to drinking”

  1. Andrew M Says:

    I think we get this story every year. I remember this same thing happened to some kids on my prom night.

  2. Reader Says:

    You’re one self-righteous bastard, you know that?

  3. inkslwc Says:

    Were you drunk when you wrote that? Are you denying the facts in my statement – that if you drink underage you should get the maximum penalty thrown at you? Come on! It’s not hard to just not drink – I’ve been doing it for 18 years so far.

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