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At Least Not ALL Murderers Go to Jail Forever

May 30, 2007

Infamous murderer, Dr. Jack “Death” Kevorkian is being released on parole!  He killed 130 people!  How the HECK is he on parole?  For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Death is a doctor who helped people commit suicide.  Luckily, he can’t touch anybody over 62 or disabled, and can’t tell anybody how to make themselves go painlessly.

Suicide is the most selfish thing you can do – by not trusting God and his will.

Dr. Death will no doubt be an advocate making speeches, along with his lawyer Geffrey Fieger (BLAH!).

He deserves to be back in jail FOREVER!

Happy Memorial Day

May 28, 2007

I would personally like to take this time to thank all of the veterans and those who have died for their service for America!  YOU ALL ARE GREAT AMERICANS!  I speak for every conservative, liberal, and moderate, when I say “THANK YOU!”

Rosie O’Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

May 27, 2007

Alright, so as you know, liberal Rosie O’Donnell picked another fight with someone – her co-host of “The View,” the conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Let’s compare:

  1. Rosie: Thinks our troops are terrorists.  Elisabeth: Supports our troops.
  2. Rosie: Can’t argue.  Elisabeth: Argued quite well.
  3. Rosie: Her people defaced pictures of Elisabeth.  Elisabeth: Didn’t deface pictures.
  4. Rosie: Lesbian – not too good looking.  Elisabeth: Straight, hot.

 ANYBODY who calls our troops terrorists is un-American, especially near Memorial Day.  I don’t care how many Iraqis they kill – THEY are the terrorists – as we saw in my previous post – if 1/4 of American Muslims think it’s OK to blow you up – think of how many Muslims in the Middle East think it’s OK!

That’s all!

Ranting Republican

Liberal Media: Your Local Terrorist Propoganda Generators

May 24, 2007

All right, so a recent Detroit Free Press article (“U.S. Muslims give their take on 9/11, suicide bombing: Majority oppose attacks, Al Qaeda, survey shows, May 23, 2007) reports that most American Muslims oppose suicide bombings.

 Only 26% say it is sometimes justified in defense of Islam.  So there’s only 1/4 Muslims you meet thinks it’s OK to BLOW YOU UP!  What the heck!  The word “Majority” here makes it sound like a good statistic.  I’d be scared if this was only 2%!

These people need to be found and deported!  I don’t care if it invades their “civil rights!”  At the point that they say, “Nathan, I think it’s OK to blow you up because you’re a Christian,” my rights have been violated – not my civil rights, but my right to LIVE!

And think if these were Republicans saying, “I think it’s OK to blow Democrats up to further our political agenda.”  The media wouldn’t say, “The Majority of Republicans are peaceful,” it’d be “Republicans All Around America Say Heartless Murder is OK!”

Again, the Justice Department needs to confiscate these poll stats and deport these FREAKS!  Now – the other 74% I have no problem with – but they need to show that they are disgusted with the other 26%

Just a note – guess who has the highest percentage of these Muslims – liberal France (42%) – just goes to show – liberalism and living don’t go too well together.

And lastly – just a note – 60% don’t think Al Qaeda carried out the attacks – even the Democrats don’t argue this one!  These people are insane and need to get out of our country!

That’s all for now,

Ranting Republican

Detroit City Council: Lazy Morons

May 23, 2007

OK, so I’ve been busy w/ exams for school, and there’ve been no good news stories – and now they’re coming out of the woodwork like termites from Nancy Pelosi’s the Grinch’s teeth.

1st – I will deny something that will soon be claimed – I am not racist.  I am part Mexican-Indian, part German, part Polish, and part English.  I have African American friends, and I supported for Alan Keys.

I’m not going to quote the original article – and look up “City Council votes to impeach Bush”, May 17.  Anyway – a bunch of people wrote in saying how STUPID the council is, and I agree – it’s not their place – they have the idea of federalism BACKWARDS.

 Then you have the moron from Westland, Bob Burkett:

An important message (from your local liberal “know-it-all”)

To some, the vote by the Detroit City Council to impeach …Bush and …Cheney may seem futile.  The implied message is what counts.  Even conservatives (what kind of conservative are we talking about?) are tired of this administration (only if he’s referring to Gangsta Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick) borrowing more and more money to fund a losing conflict (i.e.: CITY OF DETROIT!).  Our national debt is a disgrace (so is the CITY!).

This is such a stupid comment – it’s not the cities job, and if it really is so important, why was Monica Conyers, the sponsor of the resolution, vacationing in Hawaii?

L. Brooks Patterson once said that the Detroit City Council belongs in the zoo, not deciding the fate of the zoo.  People got offended because this was “racist” comparing African Americans to gorillas.

I would personally like to apologize for Patterson’s comment: If there are any gorillas offended by the Detroit City Council being compared to them, I’m sorry.

(Oh – and a side note – there are WHITE people on the Council too – so was he comparing them to albino gorillas?)

Done ranting,

The Ranting Republican

Why Liberals Should NEVER Own Funeral Homes

May 19, 2007

OK – so after Jerry Falwell died, all the liberal scum in the world began criticizing him – well, let’s see here – is he gonna answer back?  No – he CAN’T!

This just goes to show what cowards the left is.  They wait until AFTER he’s dead before they debate him!

They did the same thing to the great RONALD WILSON REAGAN.  I remember specifically a post in the Detroit Free Press by Satan’s daughter, Desiree Cooper, criticizing President Reagan.  I sent a letter to her, which of course was never published, because we wouldn’t want people to think that there are compassionate Republicans out there!

One good thing that I saw afte Falwell’s death was an article (again in the Free Press – NOT be Ms. Cooper) that talked about disagreeing with Falwell, but still honoring him, and mourning his death.

Why can’t all liberals be like that?  Or at least fake compassion when someone dies – don’t criticize them.

Where Are Sharpton and Jackson

May 17, 2007

So I was listening to local talk radio – and the host was telling a story about a hate crime committed against a white couple (due to the very graphic details, I won’t go into it).

The crime was committed in January – and Fox carried a 10 minute story – nothing else.  Now it got more attention as they went to trial.

So why is it that if a white man calls a group of women “Nappy headed hos” the country goes into uproar, but some black guys mutilate a white woman and her husband, nothing happens?

And did you notice the Rutgers women – they looked like someone had been murdered and one said she’d been scarred for life – IT’S A NAME!  Get over it – and worry about the murders.

I know I’m getting into some old news here – but still – why don’t the African American activists get involved to end violence like this.  It’s people like this who give the GREAT African Americans out there the bad stereotypes.

 That is all,

Ranting Republican

Students have NO rights when it comes to drinking

May 17, 2007

Ok, so some local students were suspended for drinking at prom – the police officer/whatever at the prom gave the kids a breathalyzer test.  The mother of one of them is complaining that her son “didn’t know his rights” and that she’d have done something to keep him from drinking if she’d have known he’d have gotten a breathalyzer.

I’ve got news lady!  UNDERAGE DRINKERS DON’T HAVE RIGHTS!  It’s illegal in Michigan to refuse a breathalizer test if you’re under 21 even if you weren’t driving!

And to say you only care that he gets caught!  This mother is a crappy mother – heck – she’s not even fit to be a mother.

And the kid’s friends say it’s unfair – he was taken off the baseball team and this ruined his career.  TOUGH LUCK!  You drink underage – you lose – we need HARSHER punishments to keep this from happening – so let it be a lesson to all of you out there!

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